The BasX A2m is a flexible stereo amplifier that combines excellent audio performance with several unique and extremely useful features. It delivers 50 watts / channel into 8 Ohms, and 90 watts / channel into 4 Ohms, Class A/B with a rated THD+N of < 0.1%, and an A-weighted S/N ratio of 112 dB. The A2m can be used as the foundation of a great small stereo system – with or without a separate preamp. Its small size makes it the ideal solution for situations where space is limited or where multiple two-channel amplifiers will be used to power multiple different zones or sets of surround or height speakers. A rear-panel switch allows the A2m to be used either as a power amplifier, with a fixed gain, or as an integrated amplifier, with higher gain, and a convenient front panel volume control. The A2m also features unique headphone output circuitry which is able to deliver great sound quality from a wide variety of both normal and difficult to drive headphones.

Dimensions W x H x D mm: 209 x 76 x 362