Bristling with wireless and app functionality, System Audio’s 60.2 Silverback active speakers reveal the power and endless versatility of DSP room correction and speaker system upgrades to Hi Fi News’ Mark Craven. Awarding a Highly Commended badge to the visionary system, he says “The way these floorstanders planted the singer in my room, revealed every vocal inflection and handled the dynamic ebb and flow was stop-what-you’re-doing captivating…while unlikely to appeal to traditionalists, these are still
But this time from a tiny cabinet. Brutal on bass, easy on space, the super-compact new SVS SB-1000 Pro sub has delighted AVForums, delivering jaw-dropping, size-defying deep bass extension down to 20Hz with massive output. Reviewer Steve Withers calls it “a cracking entry-level subwoofer that not only delivers an impressive performance, and affordable pricing, but also sports features usually only found on more expensive mid-range models.” VIEW THE PRODUCT HERE
JBL Synthesis has announced that its SDP-55 AV processor and the SDR-35 Class G AV receiver are now certified as Roon Ready and Roon Tested. Roon Ready network devices have Roon’s streaming technology built in, which means that these devices transparently discover and connect to Roon to deliver bit-perfect audio. To certify as Roon Tested, a product must also work over USB, HDMI, AirPlay, Google Cast, and other protocols. Roon Ready status adds multi-room flexibility
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The miniature yet mighty SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer seamlessly blends into any room and speaker system, energizing the space with rich, effortless bass that’s all the more impressive given its micro-sized enclosure. Featuring innovations from the reference SVS 16-Ultra subwoofers married to fully active dual opposing 8-inch drivers, and an 800W RMS, 2,500W Peak Sledge STA-800D2 amplifier with discrete MOSFET output, the 3000 Micro delivers performance that eclipses every micro subwoofer that has come before.
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Meet the shape of future speaker design in the System Audio Legend 5 Silverbacks: wireless – PLUS – custom EQ downloads – PLUS – easy room EQ app. And great audio of course! “The upshot is a re-writing of the rules” says David Vivian in April’s Hi Fi Choice mag. “This is a new paradigm that shatters the notion you need a strapping floorstander trailing big-bore speaker cables for deep, powerful bass while, at the