A Perlisten S4b speaker/D12s sub combo has inspired Hi Fi Plus Editor Alan Sircom to contemplate the meaning of hi-fi. In his review from the Nov 23 issue, he says: “…trying the full Perlisten system with the sub and the stands was one of those audio moments of epiphany…Remember the term ‘hi-fi’? It means ‘high-fidelity’; components that have high fidelity to the recorded sound. Somewhere down the line, we’ve settled for compromises, especially in the
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Built to accommodate a very wide range of pick-ups from high output MMs to low output MCs, MoFi’s MasterPhono phonostage is masterfully efficient at drawing the best performance from vinyl replay systems, as Adam Smith discovers in the December 23 edition of Hi Fi News. He says: “thanks to its various balanced/SE inputs and outputs, excellent range of adjustments and some novel new features, MoFi’s smart-looking MasterPhono is a pleasure to use. More importantly it’s
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Sharing the same engineering DNA as the flagship S7t speaker, Perlisten’s S5t is a chip off the old block for music fans seeking a smaller system but with the fidelity that has catapulted the brand into the top tier in recent years. As Mark Craven reports in the December 23 issue of Hi Fi News magazine: “Perlisten’s S5t is more than a fine runners-up prize for those whose listening room (or budget) can’t accommodate the
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Created by some of the world’s most respected home cinema designers, the peer reviewed CEDIA/CTA ‘RP22 Immersive Audio Design Recommended Practice’ defines the methods needed to deliver the best immersive sound from today’s object based multi-channel soundtracks, which can exceed 30 channels! Amid this complexity, optimum outcomes require great design discipline and precision engineered tools with exactly the kind of measurement data supplied by two of our high-end home theatre brands. Unlike many rivals, speakers
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Editor and proprietor at audiograde.uk Andrew Simpson has joined a chorus of acclaim for Perlisten Audio. Smitten by Perlisten’s R5t loudspeaker, he’s among the many to have recognised the brand with the highest praise, awarding the floorstander his top ‘Editor’s Pick’ accolade. In the published review just out, he says: “While this brand may be relatively new to the UK loudspeaker market, Perlisten’s approach is full of maturity. With a build quality that rivals the
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