Balanced Audio Technology’s new VK-3500 hybrid integrated amp marries a proprietary ‘SuperTube Unistage’ preamplifier with huge reserves of solid state A/B power to delight Hi Fi News. September’s issue says “I was guilty of expecting a little more softness to its presentation but instead found myself captivated by its energetic and revealing nature. It’s an attention-grabbing performance. “BAT’s VK-3500 integrated amp ably serves as a celebration of the company’s 25 years in the ‘balanced audio’
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Adding to all the acclaim from the AV press, the JBL Synthesis SDR-35 AV receiver has just won worthy praise from a custom installer: the folks that install AV for a living. For InsideCI’s Dave Slater it’s an “outstanding home cinema component…the front panel display menu is simple and effective, which leads to a fast install. I found the sound quality to be excellent. And then there’s the reliability factor: we have JBL Synthesis installs
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Supporting super discreet, high performance JBL Synthesis architectural speaker systems, the SDR-35 Class G Immersive Surround Sound AVR offers 16 channels of native processing, Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, Auro 3D, IMAX Enhanced, Dirac Live, streaming, and Dante. Now with Roon Ready and Roon Tested status, the SDR-35 is the high-end AV receiver to beat for the team at What Hi Fi and celebrated at AVforums. VIEW THE PRODUCT HERE READ THE WHF REVIEW HERE READ THE
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Steve Withers is left ‘shellshocked’ by SVS’ miraculous new compact, the SB-1000 Pro. The review in Home Cinema Choice Summer issue says “the SVS SB-1000 Pro renders these carefully designed bass signatures with nuance but does so with a visceral energy. By the end I actually felt shellshocked…Once you factor in the price, the SB-1000 Pro becomes irresistible, and is now the budget sub to beat.” Verdict: Best Buy! Product HERE ; Review HERE 
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System Audio’s powerfully tweakable digital loudspeaker architecture enjoys another outing in August’s Hi Fi News magazine. The Legend 40.2 Silverback is an active three-way floorstander with digital crossover, Analog Devices DSP and integrated DAC, and when combined with the optional WiSA ‘Stereo Hub’, provides wireless access to Bluetooth, Chromecast, Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay. In fact, it’s beautifully slim design offers the potential for high-resolution audiophile reproduction wire-free (bar mains leads) in virtually any space