Hi Fi News magazine’s Mark Craven is delighted with the extraordinary size-to-power ratio of Emotiva’s simple-to-install Class H monoblock amplifier in September 2020’s issue. He concludes that it “proves consistently entertaining and easily outshines its budget price tag. An impressive performer combining a lust for the low-end with dynamic ability, it will tempt audiophiles looking to take their ‘separates’ adventure to another level without breaking the bank.” DOWNLOAD THE FULL REVIEW FROM THE PRODUCT PAGE
If you have a yearning for deep bass from your music and movies but don’t have the floor space to accommodate a big sub, then build upward with the cylindrical SVS PC2000 Pro sub. Steve Withers of AVForums loves the unique combo of great low frequencies with a smaller footprint. He says “this iconic sub is expertly engineered, delivering an impressive performance”, and the app makes setup “a piece of cake”. Go to the product
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Joining praise by HiFi News in May, and Home Cinema Choice in its Summer issue, a new verdict from Hi Fi Choice for the Prime Pinnacle speaker confirms that SVS is raising its game from great subs to serious full-frequency systems. It says “There’s so much more to this floorstander than just pure bass brutality…Sure, the Prime Pinnacle’s natural proclivity towards the low end is a key part of a soundstage that’s as big and
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In the first review of Falcon’s new ‘Gold Badge’ LS3/5a – a production version closest to the original Kingswood Warren prototypes – René van Es of ‘The Ear’ says “The LS3/5a was never meant to be a transducer for larger rooms. It is far from perfect, it’s too small and power hungry compared to more modern loudspeakers, expensive and, according to legend, best suited for ‘voices’ only. But, and this is a real but, given
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Transparency underpins the ‘mesmerising’ R15 says David Vivian in June’s Hi Fi Choice mag. It ‘delivers a solidity and sense of authority that makes it easier to imagine being in the presence of living, breathing, musicians’. This is ‘an affordable phono stage for serious vinyl lovers’. DOWNLOAD THE FULL REVIEW FROM THE PRODUCT PAGE HERE
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