The “supremely capable” Emotiva XDA-3/BasX A2 pre-power combo uses audiophile design architecture to blend DAC/Preamp and power amplifier together at a truly competitive price. Awarding a maximum 5 stars for features and value for money – and a recommended badge – Hi Fi Choice magazine says “…this combo steps aside and lets the recording do the talking, to a surprising extent…it’s the sort of sound that’s not normally offered, or even expected, at the price.
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Karma has supplied Perlisten Audio and Ascendo Immersive Audio systems to Foundry, a new cinema and media room design showcase from ‘the framers’ of RP22. Foundry was conceived during the four-year creation of CEDIA’s RP22 Immersive Audio Design Recommended Practice and is the brainchild of Ben Goff of Cinema Lusso, Christiaan Beukes, owner of Cape Town based integrator Sphere Custom and Cinema Lusso Creative Director (now resident in the UK), and Officina Acustica Partner and
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Reviewer Tony O’Brien at Stereonet is deeply impressed by Ascendo Immersive Audio’s ‘The 16 SUB’, a prodigious 16-inch 1000W sealed box design. He says it’s “an immensely potent subwoofer with enough tactile punch to dislodge teeth. Capable of digging low and playing loud, it’s not just the more exciting moments that it brings to life with all the weight of Thor’s Hammer. Able to stop and start with pin-point accuracy, its presence can also be
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We matched veteran reviewer Chris Frankland with the newest global speaker brand and created another evangelist for Perlisten design. As the former editor of ‘The Flat Response’ and ‘Hi Fi Review’ Chris has been listening to speakers since the 1980s, so we’re delighted that he found Perlisten’s S5m worthy of applause. Writing for stereonet he says “Perlisten’s S5m standmounter is beautifully made and exquisitely finished, but its appeal is more than skin-deep. It delivers musical
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Reviewer at Dave Berriman is in admiration of the MoFi SourcePoint 8 speakers. Awarding a 5 star badge he says they “set up precise stereo images within an almost holographic soundstage”, and that regardless of musical genre they reveal “subtle textures, harmonic structures and details in each mix…differences between recordings, file qualities and DAC/streamer capabilities, etc”. Concluding, he decides that the SP8s will “win many friends” with a “forensic analysis of production, mixing and
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