It’s a Best Buy for Primare’s NP5 Mk 2 @AudiogradeUK. Offering full network player tech to virtually any component with a digital input, the compact player is “a considerable enhancement to any system that has a DAC to match.” Product HERE Review HERE
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The new R Series R7t floorstander joins the flagship S7t and S4b in winning highest acclaim from Hi Fi News August issue. “For those who like to close their eyes during listening, the R7ts are heaven sent. Put another way: as Knopfler’s Schecter Strat gave way to the piano toward the track’s end, I started to well up. It really was that good…the value-for-money here is off the charts.” Product HERE Review HERE
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Escape the everyday and spend time with Karma-AV. As the North’s very own high-end AV distributor, we’ll help you to connect afresh with music from systems we’ve handpicked to deliver new audio experiences, alive with natural detail and dynamics! For instance, you’ll experience a UK show first by auditioning Perlisten’s majestic S7t Towers, beloved by astonished reviewers worldwide, and the supreme vinyl virtuosity of MoFi’s Ultradeck and MC gold cartridge connected to Primare’s gorgeous R35
Three fantastic reviews from the German Hi Fi press join UK and US acclaim to confirm that the world is waking up to the wonders of Perlisten Audio! S4b, Modern Hi Fi: S7t, Audio Magazine: S5m, Stereo Magazine:
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In a crowded market Perlisten Audio has risen quickly to be recognised as a premium speaker brand, earning unqualified praise for the jaw-dropping natural fidelity of its music and home cinema systems. The latest, in Home Cinema Choice says “…Perlisten Audio has arrived with a potent offering that immediately stands out…the sound here is a dizzying mix of detail, power, scale, and immersion…for those preparing to invest in a high-end, high-performance array, these simply have
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