November 21’s Hi-Fi Choice magazine is positively glowing about the BAT VK-3500 hybrid integrated amp, which balances tube finesse with solid state girth. The mag says: “Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Save The Last Trance For Me’ taken from his second LP, 2006’s ‘A Lively Mind’ comes straight out the gate at full-throttle…yet this slab of euphoria is peppered with surprisingly delicate touches, such as an isolated high-pitch woodblock that echoes serenely right-of-centre. And with a track where
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For the second year running, System Audio has been honoured with an EISA award for its wireless magic. For 2021/22 it’s the tweakable Legend 40.2 Silverback, acclaimed for its ‘compelling sound’. Official Citation HERE Product HERE The Expert Imaging and Sound Association is a collaboration between over 60 of the most respected international specialist CE magazines, websites and journalists.  
Bass Supremo SVS has bagged TWO! Best Buy Home Theatre Sub for 2021/22: SB-1000 Pro; Best Compact Sub: 3000 Micro. That makes FIVE Best Buy awards for SVS in consecutive years! “Looking for a brilliant, bargain bass-maker? Look here” says the official award citation for the SB-1000 Pro HERE View the product HERE “…mixes control and subtlety with brute force when needed. Factor in the affordable price tag and it’s a clear category winner” says
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Acclaim from four leading AV review platforms: What HiFi, AVForums, Home Cinema Choice and Inside CI should place the JBL Synthesis SDR-35 at the top of your wish list. The latest from @StephenWithers at HCC says “The seven-channel performance is certainly exceptional but unleash this beast’s processing power on all sixteen and the result is immersive nirvana.” Product HERE Review HERE
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Balanced Audio Technology’s new VK-3500 hybrid integrated amp marries a proprietary ‘SuperTube Unistage’ preamplifier with huge reserves of solid state A/B power to delight Hi Fi News. September’s issue says “I was guilty of expecting a little more softness to its presentation but instead found myself captivated by its energetic and revealing nature. It’s an attention-grabbing performance. “BAT’s VK-3500 integrated amp ably serves as a celebration of the company’s 25 years in the ‘balanced audio’
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