Easy to integrate and operate, the Emotiva BasX MC1 is an inexpensive way for upgraders to enjoy high quality immersive sound, and the obvious choice for AVForums’ Best AV Processor award 2023/24. It says: “The Emotiva can place object-based audio cues in an immersive Dolby Atmos or DTS:X soundstage with finesse and precision and the company’s own Emo-Q room correction goes to great lengths to minimise a listening space’s shortcomings. This is grassroots value, simplicity
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A Perlisten Audio R-Series 5.1 system has won over the experts at AVForums’ to claim their ‘Inspirational Home Cinema Speakers’ award for 2023/24. They say: “put quite simply, loudspeaker performance does not get much better than this, with the exceptional design and outstanding sonic performance of the R-series speakers setting a new benchmark for us at this price point.” Read the full review HERE
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AVForums’ Editor’s Choice awards for 2023/24, which celebrate the truly outstanding products reviewed over the last twelve months, includes two for our partners at Ascendo Immersive Audio. The award for ‘High-End Home Cinema Speakers’ goes to a 5.1 system of ‘The TEN’ speakers as LCRs, ‘The SIX’ speakers as surrounds, and The 12 SUB. Scoring a maximum 10 for value for money in the original review, the system “is deeply impressive at any price and
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In a hi-fi cable market notorious for its ‘snake-oil’ remedies, Germany’s In-akustik has set itself apart with technologies based on a ‘Physics not Voodoo’ philosophy. The affordable ‘Micro Air’ range, which uses air as an insulator is typically effective if the experience of audiograde.uk is anything to go by. Awarding Micro Air LS-104 speaker/NF-104 interconnect cables its best audio cables for 2023, the new review site says: “In-akustik’s Micro Air might just offer the finesse
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The latest acclaim for Perlisten Audio comes from new review site audiograde.uk. Its best high-end floorstanding loudspeaker of 2023 is the Perlisten R5t. Reviewer-in-chief Andrew Simpson says: “Perlisten has made quite an impact since finding its way into the UK, and rightly so. The R5t sets the standard at its price and is sized just right for most homes, with a more than impressive driver array and build.” READ THE CITATION AND ORIGINAL REVIEW HERE
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