Widening a positive consensus, two further UK reviewers have fallen for the magical charms of MoFi’s SourcePoint 8 dual concentric speakers. For Darko Audio, Phil Wright says “It does intricacy and refinement before switching to full-throated roar and back again, all in an instant. Orchestral works are handled with aplomb but the Sourcepoint 8 is equally at home playing Led Zeppelin, Infected Mushroom and the like – even at high volumes. It’s amazing how much intricacy exists within a wall of sound…The bottom line is that this is a very good speaker. One that fully justifies its £3,000 asking price. Had you said £4,000 I still wouldn’t have blinked…I bought the review pair. ‘Nuff said.” Review HERE

In quick succession, Tarun Sharma from the ‘A British Audiophile’ YouTube channel says: “midrange is natural and effortlessly open…their forging nature will win them many friends. The Mofi SourcePoint 8s get a Highly Recommended from this channel.” Review HERE

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