This year, at The Aston Suite, we’ve chosen a premium 11.3.4 home theatre system comprising, for the first time anywhere in the UK, the new SVS Ultra Evolution speakers supported by award-winning SVS SB-3000 and PB-4000 subs. The classy and sophisticated Ultra Evolutions – recently recognised as ‘outstanding’ by Hi Fi News magazine – feature a visually striking curved baffle for their custom developed time-aligned drivers, ensuring ‘point-source’ phase coherence and imaging. The system is driven by Primare’s celebrated SPA25 processor/amp (with 2-channel A35.2 in support), integrating nine amplifier channels with eleven-channel processing to enhance the latest Atmos/DTS X soundtracks with Dirac Live EQ, 4K HDR switching, eARC, and prodigious power. System sound is optimised using high performance cables from Germany’s In-akustik range. An all-round unmissable experience for show-goers!

NWAS, 22-23 June 2024, DeVere Cranage Estate, Cheshire.
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