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Bathe in the glow of full fidelity
Defined by the principle that balanced circuits deliver
better performance, Balanced Audio Technology's products
are endowed with superb sound and stellar construction.
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Stunningly life-like home cinema
projection from the acknowledged leader
in HDR repro
With models serving the entire home cinema market from
entry 4K to the highest-end design, JVC's image innovation
creates utterly immersive experiences, acclaimed by the UK's
home theatre reviewers.
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Unique space-saving design and
excellent sound all-in-one from
Cornered Audio
Triangular speaker design for discreet and elegant
installation anywhere in your home - in corners, on the
wall, below the ceiling or on shelves.
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Emotiva sets the performance/value
benchmark for the world's AV fans
If you're upgrading amplification, processing or speakers
Emotiva will deliver the biggest bangs for your music
and home cinema bucks.
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Classic British speaker design
from Falcon Acoustics
Each Falcon speaker from the incomparable LS3/5A
to the extraordinary Reference floor standing is a hand-
built original with the richest design provenance.
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Luxury home theatre systems
made in Hollywood by JBL Synthesis
With roots back to the first talking pictures, there is no
brand in home cinema with a longer and more
celebrated provenance.
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Gorgeous Scandinavian design
tradition meets award-winning
sound and connectivity
Primare's 'Prisma' range is beautifully modular, giving
you the widest choice of analogue, digital and wireless
options, and a long-lasting listening bliss.
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Audiophile performance at its
most discreet from Revel's
architectural speaker range
The US speaker specialist has possibly most sophisticated
R&D in the world, and it shows
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Deeply impressive: globally
acclaimed subwoofers and
speakers from SVS
SVSound brings the deepest meaning to the word
'affordable', making your choice of AV subwoofer
and speaker tech supremely easy
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Every great AV system is built on
clean power: perhaps the most
important component of them all
Toroidal isolation power conditioners by Torus Power
dramatically improve the performance of all connected
AV components from video displays to speakers
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Innovative and affordable 4K
projection screens with the
easiest installation
In addition to excellent 4K-ready performance, Ultimate
Screens' 16:9 and UltraWide screens offer you easy
four-step installation
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Immersive image quality for big screen
home cinema from the experts in surface
performance and operation
Lumene unites a world of technology to serve every screen
application with the finest surface quality, reliable operation
and great value.
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Masterful performance and value
from the champions of the groove
Five decades of creating audiophile vinyl at Mobile
Fidelity Sound Lab studios give Mobile Fidelity
Electronics a clear advantage
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State-of-the-art cinema sound
bespoke to every room
Ascendo Immersive Audio’s clever DSP and active design
combine to deliver breath-taking accuracy and timing every
cinema environment
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Simply smart speakers
will enhance every room
Active, passive, wired or wireless, System Audio offers
Scandinavian design flair and high performance to system
builders from entry-level up
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Physics not Voodoo Science meets German engineering to minimise signal
loss through In-akustik's globally acclaimed interconnects.
No snake oil just pure physics brings measurable benefits.
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Award winning products from the world’s top AV brands

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Welcome to Karma AV: A world of high quality sound and vision

Let us help you to find a music or AV system that is custom-designed for your home and budget. Whether you’re seeking the ultimate home theatre system from the Hollywood Hills, a luxury hi-fi system, a high performance home cinema screen or an innovative lifestyle idea, Karma AV will introduce you to award-winning products from some the world’s most prestigious AV brands.

Welcome to Karma AV: A new world of sound and vision

Karma Audio-Visual UK brings you the world’s premium AV brands. Find a home entertainment system that is custom-designed for your home and budget. Whether you’re seeking the ultimate home theatre system from the Hollywood Hills, a luxury hi-fi system, a high performance home cinema screen or an innovative lifestyle idea, let Karma AV introduce you to award-winning products.

A world of sound and vision from Karma AV

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We're delighted to be introducing in-akustik cables to the UK. Guided by a belief that only “physics not voodoo” can deliver the brand’s single-minded ambition to minimise signal loss within the cable, in-akustik’s high-performance product [...]


As numerous outstanding verdicts and EISA awards will testify, MoFi knows a thing or two about vinyl replay, so it’s really no surprise that MoFi’s mid-market marvel, the StudioDeck+ turntable package should beat top UK [...]


We’re delighted to have won as many as FIVE EISA Awards this year honouring SVS, Primare, System Audio and Emotiva! EISA LOUDSPEAKER 2020-2021: SVS Prime Pinnacle “In practice the Prime Pinnacles are svelte enough to [...]