Focussing R&D, marketing and manufacturing at sites across the US, in Denmark and China with over a century of industry experience and leadership, Perlisten Audio offers music and home cinema enthusiasts a completely proprietary path to greater fidelity and value. Precision in production and QC delivers optimum performance and enduring quality from Perlisten’s proprietary technologies, including its flagship Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) array, comprising a waveguided 28mm Beryllium dome tweeter and twin 28mm Poly Carbon mid-range diaphragms, engineered in a single unit to generate exceptionally accurate and natural dispersion and coherence from 1kHz-30kHz. Perlisten Audio is the first brand in the world to have received THX Dominus Certification, the newest and the largest performance class of THX Certification, designed to bridge the gap between large home theatre speakers and those used in movie houses worldwide.