A Perlisten S4b speaker/D12s sub combo has inspired Hi Fi Plus Editor Alan Sircom to contemplate the meaning of hi-fi. In his review from the Nov 23 issue, he says: “…trying the full Perlisten system with the sub and the stands was one of those audio moments of epiphany…Remember the term ‘hi-fi’? It means ‘high-fidelity’; components that have high fidelity to the recorded sound. Somewhere down the line, we’ve settled for compromises, especially in the loudspeaker. This is understandable; reducing distortion, and improving dispersion and flat in-room response, while maintaining dynamic range and headroom in loudspeakers is difficult. At best, companies nail a few of these important aspects at the expense of one or more of the others. The Perlisten system is the closest you can get to ticking all those boxes without throwing the cost of a Mercedes S-Class at the project… It’s like direct coupling the studio to your ears!”