The TA1 is a high-performance stereo preamplifier, which includes a stereo FM tuner, inputs for line level analogue sources, a built-in DAC with plenty of digital inputs for all of your digital audio sources, including a high-resolution asynchronous USB input and a built-in AptX capable Bluetooth receiver, and a high-performance phono preamp that supports both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, along with a high-performance Class A/B amplifier.


Analogue Inputs

  • 2 pairs – stereo analogue line level inputs (CD, Aux).
  • 1 pair – stereo phono inputs (switchable; moving magnet or moving coil).
  • Tuner – FM (with external antenna input; 15 station presets).

Digital Inputs

  • 1 – digital coax (S/PDIF); 24/192k.
  • 1 – digital optical (Toslink); 24/192k.
  • 1 – digital USB (DAC input); 24/192k.
  • 1 – Bluetooth receiver (Bluetooth 5, with AptX, AptX HD, and AAC support, antenna included).


  • 1 pair – stereo full range main outputs.
  • 1 pair – stereo high-pass outputs; with fixed 90 Hz Linkwitz-Riley high-pass filter.
  • 1 – subwoofer output; with fixed 90 Hz Linkwitz-Riley low-pass filter.
  • 1 – high performance stereo headphone output.

Dimensions: W x H x D mm: 430 x 67 x 317
Weight kg: 6.8