In-akustik’s proposition is simply that while all cables will connect A to B, their susceptibility to interference means that signals will suffer losses during transmission. “A Ferrari will get you from A to B, even with bad tyres, it says “but you won’t be getting the performance you’re paying for”.

No surprise then that the brand’s first foray into UK review land has been transparently successful, returning with a Hi Fi News ‘Editor’s Choice’ badge: the mag’s highest acclaim. As Editor Paul Miller concludes “the ‘Micro Air’ construction of its LS-204 XL (speaker) cable retains the low resistance and inductance of the German brand’s costlier cables but with the advantage of lower capacitance, promising a more consistent behaviour with a wider range of amplifiers. There’s a lot of hand-made cable here for the money, making it a reliable bet for that first ‘big upgrade’”.