The modular XPA-DR Series platform delivers Emotiva’s characteristic blend of audiophile design and performance at entry-level prices. DR Series’ XPA-DR1 mono, XPA-DR2 two-channel and XPA-DR3 three-channel models utilise up to three Differential Reference™ Amplifier Module pairs fed by a massively over-designed, fully regulated, 3 kW switch mode power supply within a heavy-duty chassis.

The XPA-DR1 features a pair of Differential Reference Amplifier Modules in a true monoblock configuration, providing massive power, superb dynamics, incredible resolution, and absolute control. If you’re looking for the very best sound quality, with virtually endless reserves of power against a jet black noise floor, this is the amplifier for you. Combine Emotiva’s ‘Differential Reference’ powertrain with its XSP-1 balanced pre-amplifier to create an audiophile amplification and control system of unmatched value.


  • 650 watts RMS into 8 Ohms, and 1000 watts RMS into 4 Ohms, with less than 0.1% THD
  • Modular, high-powered, fully-differential, low distortion amplifier design with traditional Class A/B output stage
  • Optimised Soft-Switch Class H™ power supply topology delivers improved efficiency without compromising audio performance
  • Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) offers all of the performance of a traditional linear power supply, with improved efficiency and reliability, and reduced overall weight
  • Heavy steel 4RU chassis with milled aluminium faceplate
  • Choice of balanced or unbalanced input for each channel, independently controlled by reliable metal toggle switches
  • Solid machined gold-plated RCA input connectors provide a reliable connection with a wide variety of audio interconnects
  • Gold plated five-way speaker binding posts with clear shields allow use of a wide range of speaker cables with bare wires, lugs, or banana plugs
  • Remote trigger input and output
  • Designed, assembled, and tested in the U.S.A
  • Full five-year warranty