From its extraordinary power delivery to the peace of mind provided by the elimination of fuses, REX 500 stands as the pinnacle of BAT solid-state design. Add to that the simplicity of a circuit that features only two gain blocks, zero feedback, and the pure symmetry afforded by using only superior N-Channel devices for amplification, and you can understand why this statement product is unique. BAT provides a transparent upgrade path that allows the owner of a stereo REX 500 to easily convert it to a monoblock at any point. With REX 500, the user can change their existing REX 500 to a monoblock and then order a second REX 500 to match. The added current delivery makes the sound of the REX 500 monoblocks effortless – and more akin to that of a master tape.

Features (stereo version):

  • Output per channel at 8Ω/4Ω: 500W / 1000W
  • Fuseless protection circuit
  • True dual-mono design (with individual power cables for each channel)
  • Fully differential from input to output
  • Wide bandwidth: 3Hz to 250KHz
  • Symmetrical design (N-Channel MOSFETs used throughout)
  • Zero global feedback
  • High-current differential driver stage
  • Power Consumption (Idle/Full Power): 400W / 3000W
  • Dimensions mm: 483 x 254 x 597
  • Weight kg: 63.5


BAT REX 500 Solid State power amplifier, Hi Fi News Feb 2024 ‘OUTSTANDING’, SEE REVIEWS AND DOWNLOADS