Incorporating many of the technological advances first introduced by the brand’s flagship REX series, the long-awaited BAT VK80i all-tube integrated amplifier features the triode-balanced architecture, fuse-less protection and automatic-bias circuits deployed by the REX 3 power amplifier design.

Generating 55 watts per channel, the VK80i uses the triode 6C33C-B tube, which offers many times the current delivery of the 6550/KT90 tetrode tube variant employed by many traditional tube integrated amplifiers. Arranged in a fully balanced topology, the powerhouse 6C33C-B allows the VK80i to deliver the high-current performance required to drive even difficult low-impedance speaker loads while providing a natural portrayal of harmonic texture and instrumental timbre.


  • 6C33C-B triode output tube with fully balanced signal path
  • “Fuse-less” protection circuit for enhanced sound and user-friendly operation
  • Intelligent auto-bias design makes operation easy
  • Output per channel at 8Ω/4Ω: 55W
  • THD at full power: 3%
  • Frequency response: 8Hz to 200kHz
  • Input impedance: 215 kΩ
  • Tube complement: 4x6SN7, 4x6C33C-B
  • Power Consumption: 400W idle, 800W full power
  • Remote included: yes – all metal
  • Signal inputs: 1 XLR, 3 RCA’s
  • Volume control: resistive ladder, 90 steps, 1dB per step
  • Dimensions (mm): 431W x 203H x 406D
  • Weight: 20.4 kg
  • Available in silver or black

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