System Audio’s powerfully tweakable digital loudspeaker architecture enjoys another outing in August’s Hi Fi News magazine. The Legend 40.2 Silverback is an active three-way floorstander with digital crossover, Analog Devices DSP and integrated DAC, and when combined with the optional WiSA ‘Stereo Hub’, provides wireless access to Bluetooth, Chromecast, Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay. In fact, it’s beautifully slim design offers the potential for high-resolution audiophile reproduction wire-free (bar mains leads) in virtually any space with the addition of downloadable ‘RAM tweaks’ DSP and app-enabled EQ to smooth the response in-room. “Definitely a case of ‘more than meets the eye’, says Mark Craven of a system that “overflows with customisation potential”. More enjoyable still, he says “is the Legend 40.2’s compelling sound, which majors on resolution, bass power and a fine grasp of rhythm.” HIGHLY COMMENDED. Product HERE ;  Review HERE