Home Cinema Choice scribe Martin Dew has discovered immersive, cohesive and alluring movie playback from the MR1. In the July 24 issue he says: “Wired up and calibrated, the MR1 produced a vivid and colourful soundstage from Blu-rays and streamed media. Even in the quieter moments there was a lovely cinematic spaciousness and tonally smooth quality to the sound. The MR1 handled the transition to the devastating Soyuz capsule re-entry scene in Gravity (Blu-ray) with impressive dynamic fervour…cohesion and forcefulness combined to majestic effect in a soundstage writ large, which is not always the norm for an AV receiver in this price category. The MR1 trades some streaming and usability features for a rugged build and superior home cinema performance. That makes it quite unusual in the marketplace – and we like it.”