Meet the shape of future speaker design in the System Audio Legend 5 Silverbacks. The EISA 20-21 award-winning speaker is winning new friends for its room-hugging versatility, style and easy functionality. Forget passive design. This is next-gen amplification + wireless + custom EQ downloads + easy room EQ app. Says David Vivian in April 21’s Hi Fi Choice mag: “The upshot is a re-writing of the rules, not simply highlighting the ability to enact digitally acute contrasts between the two RAM voicings, but for the nonchalant way that in either guise the Silverback appears to be trolling far bigger and more costly passive high-end speakers by daring to do a better job….This is a new paradigm that shatters the notion you need a strapping floorstander trailing big-bore speaker cables for deep, powerful bass while, at the same time, ordaining strategically flavoured and contoured versions of high-end sound quality that, in all but ultimate scale and power, are as coherent, palpable, tonally true and rhythmically compelling as the very best available at multiples of the Legend 5.2 Silverback’s price.”