Bigger brands than MoFi Electronics use coaxial drivers for their superior timing and imaging, the idea is nothing new, but the application takes experience and innovation to perfect. Which is why, guided by the deft hand of Chief Speaker Designer and leading proponent Andrew Jones, the SourcePoint 8 has emerged ahead of many contenders to claim EISA’s Standmount Loudspeaker of 2023-24.
EISA says: “Although MoFi Electronics is a relative newcomer to the loudspeaker market, the accomplished performance of its SourcePoint 8 speaks of great experience. Paired with a capable amplifier, the SourcePoint 8 provides a confident, engaging listen suited to both small and medium-sized rooms, underpinned by weighty bass from its 200mm (8in) bass/mid driver and topped by a lucid treble. This is a technically innovative speaker – and stylish to boot.”