We’re honoured to receive another Best-In-Class award from AVForums for Perlisten Audio. Following similar awards for ‘S’ Series and ‘R’ Series 5.1 systems, and Editor’s Choice accolades conferring Best-of-Year status in 2022 and 2023/24, the D15s THX Certified Dominus subwoofer is the latest to achieve a perfect 10 score. AVF’s Matt Eisengruber says the D15s “is the smallest footprint THX Dominus rated subwoofer on the market with industry leading intelligence in its amplification and DSP solution. It has mountains of clean, tight low frequency output. It excelled in all testing with music, movies and TV series. Although its lofty price point is its biggest deterrent, it comes in under the competition. If you have deep-ish pockets and like deep sound, demo it in at your local dealer and your room. This product is Best In Class.”