The TOT MINI and TOT MAX are ultra-compact Toroidal Isolation power transformers, and the most affordable products in the Torus line-up. The compact footprint and sloped face of TOT models make them convenient for use in almost any situation. They look sharp on a component shelf or can be located elsewhere when space is at a premium.


  • Toroidal Isolation
  • Noise Filtering
  • High Instantaneous Current Capability

Rated at 3 amps, the TOT MINI is ideal to provide clean power to Audio/Video systems, projectors, flat panels, powered speakers, media/ source players, processors, or network devices.

TOT MINI SMSS: TOT MINI with Series Mode Surge Suppression included

Rated at 8 Amps, the TOT MAX can provide current to demanding power hungry systems including substantial power amplifiers.

TOT MAX SMSS:TOT MAX with Series Mode Surge Suppression included