The Reference Power Station AC-4500 mains conditioner comes equipped with two different filter types depending on the configuration: type I for analogue devices and type II for digital devices. The filter design is completely different for both types. Type I is a series filter network in which coils conduct the useful current. These coils offer a high level of resistance against interference. However, type II is a parallel filter network that diverts troublesome interference frequencies to ground. This filter network is also very finely tuned to hi-fi requirements.

Available with Schuko sockets or UK sockets in these variations:

Full 6 Filter, A A A D D D
Mid 3F Filter, A – D – D –
Mid 3F Filter, A – A – D –
Mid 2F Filter, A – – D – –
Small 1F Filter, A – – – – –
Small 1F Filter, D – – – – –