SVS Prime 5.1 system

SVS Prime 5.1 system


Complete 5.1 system featuring five Prime Satellites and an SB-1000 subwoofer.


5 x Prime Satellite Speakers for a complete 5-channel speaker system in Black Ash or Piano Gloss Black

1 x SB-1000, 13” subwoofer in Black Ash or Piano Gloss Black

Upgrade to 7.1 or 9.1 with additional Prime Series Satellites for an even more immersive experience.

AV Forums Review - Highly Recommended


"The Prime system shows off many of the positive attributes of SVS products albeit in miniature. Everything is splendidly logical in terms of design and layout and both the speakers and the sub feel extremely well assembled."

Home Cinema Choice review


"Sitting between the two categories manages to impart the speakers with a great many of the attributes of larger packages (particularly an impressive bass response) and this is a set that is convincing at filling a room with a full-scale and believable sound."