The BasX A11 is a flexible eleven-channel power amplifier that’s a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality power amp to pair with a pre/pro, like the MC1 to power all the speakers in a 7.1.4 channel system or bi-amped main LCR speakers in a 7.1 system.


  • A heavy-duty Class H power supply with an oversized toroidal power transformer
  • Unbalanced inputs via industry standard RCA connectors
  • Power Output (ALL channels driven): 105 watts RMS per channel, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, THD < 0.1% into 8 ohms; 140 watts RMS per channel, 1 kHz, THD < 1%; into 4 ohms
  • Dimensions W x H x D mm: 432 x 197 x 394 (includes feet w/o connectors).