For installing stretch fabric walls and ceilings. Can be mounted directly to the wall, on a batten or on space frame system components. Install using 25mm Plasterboard Screws mounted no more than 100mm apart. Track is supplied as 20x 2400mm lengths in each pack (48 Linear Metres). Options:

  • 18mm High Fabric Track Black
  • 18mm High Fabric Track White
  • 25mm High Fabric Bevelled Edge Track Black
  • 25mm High Fabric Bevelled Seam Track Black (supplied as 12x 2400mm)

Accessories include Battens for LED mounting behind track and fabric tools: Dual Roller Fabric Insertion Tool, Hatchet Insertion Tool, Spatula Fabric Insertion Tool and scissors; foam absorber panels and sound dispersal ‘reactor panels’.

Fabrics include ‘Camira Cara’, a plain weave panel fabric; ‘Camira Lucia’, a crepe weave panel fabric; ‘Camira Blazer Lite’, a felted virgin wool panel fabric, and non-acoustically transparent suede and velvet fabrics.

Lighting options include LED Chip-type strips, LED Beam strips.