Serious hi-fi blogger Giancarlo Massironi at The Speaker Shack finds much to admire in Primare’s muscular A35.2 power amplifier. The account of his first encounter reads like an ‘everyman’ eulogy, commendable for its forthright honesty and enthusiasm. In his conclusion he says: “Musically the Primare A35.2 Power Amplifier is a formidable performer and copes well with all types of music, from the subtle nuances in Jazz to full on rock with hard hitting power and conviction… factor in the sleek proportions, stylish looks and cool running, it’s hard not to like the A35.2 amplifier, with a clear upgrade path to bridge the A35.2 and use two of these in mono configuration you end up with some serious hardware to power any speaker system should you choose. Considering the price, it really is quite a bargain.”

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