Fair to say that in general, audiophiles are more comfortable with evolution than revolution, until they hear the difference. Such is the case involving Perlisten Audio, which in two years has sprung from obscurity to universal acclaim – from audiophiles. The secret is Perlisten’s Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) waveguided beamforming array of tweeter and mids, which, complemented by naturally fast lower frequencies, reaches higher levels of fidelity. Above 3kHz the tweeter at the centre of the waveguide handles all frequencies from 3kHz to 20kHz and beyond, but between 1-3kHz, all three drivers use passive beamforming to control the vertical directivity to +/-25 degrees, reducing the early floor and ceiling reflections typically produced by an omnidirectional trad driver. They offer three times the sensitivity, power handling and excursion, and a third of the distortion within this band, as well as extremely low moving mass. Consequently, transient response takes a giant leap in performance. Jason Kennedy at ‘the Ear.net’ is the latest audiophile to notice. In his review of the flagship S7t he says: “the level of detail resolution is extremely high, which means that you can hear so much of what’s going on in familiar recordings that you don’t want to stop…This substantial loudspeaker is exceptionally good in all the ways that matter. I suspect that it would hold its own against alternatives approaching twice the price.”

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