For the first UK review of an Ascendo Immersive Audio cinema system, AVForums’ Doug Pyper has listened to a 7.1 configuration of ‘The 10’ LCRs, ‘The 6′ surrounds and ‘The 12 SUB’, a 12” active subwoofer. His review, which champions the system’s class-leading immersive cinema qualities in particular, says: “I’m not aware of any price-comparable home cinema speakers on the UK market that can equal that kind of SPL… I have never heard subwoofers at this price point hit anywhere near as hard…Overall, the Ascendo package was a force to be reckoned with. Its output capability is deeply impressive at any price, translating to a system that was cruising at reference levels in my room. There was a sense of having limitless power on tap, which meant cinematic events had a dramatic scale, impact and – fundamentally – realism. The imaging precision, undoubtedly a function of the coaxial design, delivered a highly detailed soundfield that fully justifies the ‘immersive’ in Ascendo Immersive Audio… Anyone looking for a home cinema system at this price should certainly give this system a listen; the Ascendos are giant killers, delivering not merely a taste of high-end home cinema but the full three course meal. Verdict: Highly Recommended, 9/10 score.