We’re delighted that the globally recognised audiophile title has included no fewer than three SVS products in its latest list of recommendations!

The SB-3000 subwoofer is “quicker to set up” and its bass performance “massive, powerful, and weighty” while preserving subtle details. “An outstanding choice for small to moderate-sized rooms.” View the product

Praising the SB16-Ultra’s “smart” packaging, its four-page quick-start manual, and online setup guide, which offers loudspeaker-specific recommendations for filter settings and the like, Stereophile’s reviewer discovered that “a single SB16-Ultra could produce more than enough bass extension and slam in my large listening room.” View the product

And the ultra-compact Prime Wireless Pro smart speaker system “played louder, partied harder, slammed deeper, and looked nicer, as well as offering a “small smorgasbord” of convenient features. “If you’re looking for versatile powered speakers capable of unabashed performance, I don’t think you can go wrong with the SVS Prime Pros.” View the product