We invited Essential Install editor Dan Sait along to our new demo rooms at Tockwith, featuring our home cinema brands serving a range of budgets from small room ‘entry’ level, through medium spaces to large room high-end, with System Audio, SVS, Cornered Audio and Emotiva starring in the smaller space and Ascendo Immersive Audio, Perlisten Audio, Emotiva and Primare taking charge in the larger cinemas. Reporting in April’s magazine Dan says: “Considering the price points involved, performance in the smaller space was impressive…(while) more immersive power is unleashed in the middle room, forcefully resolving the contrasts in the soundtrack between high impact sounds and more subtle effects…(and for the large room) it’s a genuine surprise to find a room of this size making an impression even before the system is called into action. Stand out moments included the grave explosion sequence in Bond where the audio communicates the temporary deafness Bond experiences. Here the infrasonic abilities of the room really deliver…given its relatively unassuming exterior, it’s a real delight to discover such a treasure trove of demonstration facilities inside Karma AV.”

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