In making the audio upgrade from integrated to pre-power AV, Emotiva’s new MC1 13.2 channel processor could be the answer to your dreams says Martin Dew at AVForums. Awarding a ‘Highly Recommended’ badge and a 9/10 score, he says “After all, don’t punters in the UK market deserve a path to upgrade with a back-to-basics immersive home cinema processor? If nothing else, bringing home an MC1 is an affordable chance to swim with the big boys. The leap into a world of pre- and power amp separates is one you won’t regret. The Emotiva places sonic cues in an immersive Atmos/DTS:X soundstage with finesse and precision. Emo-Q room correction goes to great lengths to minimise your listening space’s shortcomings. You’ll go without many of the streaming and fancy features of the competition, but that’s not what the MC1 is about. This is grassroots value, simplicity and performance, and the prospect of ratcheting up your home cinema to the next level. Well done, Emotiva.

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