Home Cinema Choice’s Ed Selley has found the Emotiva A-700 power amplifier really effective at expanding the sound and system capabilities of an acclaimed AVR! Awarding a recommended badge in November 2017 issue he says “I used the A-700 with my regular Yamaha RX-A3040 receiver, via the latter’s pre outs. Straight away, with a quintet of Elision satellite speakers, the power amp immediately demonstrated that it had more gain at any given volume increment than the internal amplifiers of the Yamaha. And there is more to the A-700’s positive attributes than raw volume. Reaching for a firm ‘guilty pleasure’ BD in the form of Troll Hunter, the Emotive proved superb at responding to dynamic shifts in the soundtrack as the brooding Norwegian forests suddenly came alive with the wide selection of noises the trolls make. This ability to effortlessly relay major dynamic swings is something that really helps movie sound mixes convince. The tonality is consistently accurate and believable… The Emotive offers fuss-free power (although it’s not a monster amp) and deeply impressive audio performance at a bargain price.”