Hi Fi Plus Editor Alan Sircom joins a chorus of acclaim for Perlisten Audio, specifically for the S4b standmount. In his review for the June 23 issue he says “such is the antipathy felt toward home cinema in some audiophile circles, just mentioning THX might send some of the hi-fi hardcore into a ‘nope’ spiral. Well, more fool them because the S4b stand-mount is a great loudspeaker, whatever you play through them…The first and most immediate aspect of the Perlisten’s performance is the sheer amount of detail and spatial detail it delivers…The resolution of space and depth of image and the sheer amount of articulate voicing going on is almost breathtaking…it doesn’t matter whether it’s the mono or stereo versions, it’s just sublime! This is a stunningly honest loudspeaker that can move from being refined and graceful to packing a punch at the turn of a crotchet.”