Two years in the making, the new Ultra Evolution speaker range from SVS follows a clean-sheet design featuring elegantly curved cabinets and new drivers, time aligned for greater accuracy and more convincing and immersive results. Reference hi fi guide Hi Fi News is the first UK title to audition the lineup and its flagship model, the 3-way UE Pinnacle. In the review for the July 24 issue, it says: “this speaker is not difficult to drive yet is capable of chest-thumping heft and fabulous lows. This contributes to a soundstage that approaches vast at times, and a consistent feeling of fun and vibrancy to the performance. It can be insightful, detailed and atmospheric too…When the music needs scale, weight and dynamics, this imposing floorstander delivers in spades…a performance that in many ways makes a mockery of the price point.” Verdict: Outstanding!