SVS PC-4000 Cylinder subwoofer

SVS PC-4000 Cylinder subwoofer

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With a footprint measuring just 16” in diameter, the iconic PC-4000 cylinder subwoofer design is only available from SVS and achieves unparalleled low frequency output and deep bass extension down to 15 Hz, per inch of floor-space. A high-excursion, down-firing 13.5-inch driver and 1,200 watts RMS, 4,000+ watts peak power amplifier with Analogue Devices most advanced audio DSP enables variable port tuning and unlocks a smartphone app with advanced DSP and custom presets for precise and convenient tuning.


Reference-calibre bass with smaller footprint just 16” in diameter
Amplifier Power: 1,200 watts continuous power / 4,200 watts peak dynamic power
Proprietary 13.5” 4000 Series Driver: 22.5kg Woofer with 20.1kg motor, underhung 53mm Xmax, 91.6mm Xmech precision aligned excursion
Frequency Response:
17Hz to 200Hz +/-3dB (standard mode)
15Hz to 200Hz +/-3dB (extended mode)
16Hz to 200Hz +/-3dB (sealed mode)
Max Low Frequency Output: 133.1dB @ 32Hz 1/8 space 1m
Finishes: Piano Gloss Black
Weight: 41.9kg with Grill
Dimensions (w/ grill): 1190mm H X 419mm Diameter



At just 16” diameter the radical SVS PC-4000 cylinder sub is a tad wider than its driver but generates the bass quality of its award-winning 4000 series brethren. Pinning a 'recommended' badge to its slender design, Reviewer Steve Withers says “I have auditioned SVS'sPB-4000 ported sub and for me, the cylindrical version delivers an almost identical experience… if space is an issue then the PC-4000 might be the ideal solution. And considering the state-of-the-art subwoofery inside, it isn't that expensive either.”