For use with mid-to-high-mass turntable platters, the Super HeavyWeight Champion features a proprietary, ultra-dense, precision-moulded polymer created for exceptional noise-absorption characteristics. In addition to coupling the LP to the platter, it significantly reduces noise—specifically, record groove, motor, and bearing noise.


  • Dimensions approx: 76mm diameter and 34mm height
  • Weight: 495.1 grams, optimised for mid-to-high-mass platters (approximately 2.27kg and higher)
  • Outer shell: comprising billet-machined 6061 aluminium for an easy grip
  • Underside made from a soft polymer that ensures damage-free operation with LPs
  • Black anodised top cap features laser-etched MoFi logo
  • Precision transfer moulding process for precise alignment and balance