The MoFi MasterPhono offers listeners ideal optimisation with any cartridge as well as unparalleled flexibility, dead-quiet operation, and remote-controllable ease. Equipped with rare features such as passive RIAA equalization and two input topologies – one voltage type and one current-source type – MasterPhono also benefits from a discrete, balanced, wide-bandwidth, all-FET input and output stage; fully regulated and shielded internal power supply with dedicated left and right channels; and programmable relay-controlled loading and gain settings. A thick aluminium front panel frames a pair of meters that provide VU information as well as calibration points for cartridge setup.


  • MM/MC
  • Both standard signal input (“Voltage Input”) via RCA & XLR and “Current input” for use with low source-impedance phono cartridges, via RCA or XLR, utilizing “Trans-impedance dynamic loading”.
  • Dual-chassis construction that isolates power supply and audio circuits, featuring a separately isolated chassis and signal grounding post for the lowest overall system noise.
  • 4 switchable gain settings of 40db, 50db, 60db and 70db.
  • 10 switchable impedance loading adjustments, including a “Custom” via RCA plug on rear panel.
  • Fully discrete circuitry from input to output including fully balanced, DC coupled and servo controlled circuit from the high pass filter to the output jacks.
  • Passive RIAA exclusively using stringent parts selection; NOS polystyrene and polypropylene film/foil capacitors with better than 1% precision, as well as all critical resistors with tolerances 0.1% or 0.5% for precise filtering and voltages.
  • Cascaded voltage regulation stages to help achieve the lowest possible noise floor.
  • Remote control operation for input selection, gain adjustment, mute, mono operation, meter operation and subsonic filter.
  • Left and Right meters for output monitoring and calibration purposes.
  • Extreme RIAA accuracy of ±0.05db and frequency response of 10Hz–50KHz ±0.20db.
  • Maximum S/N Ratio (A-weighted) of 93dB for MM cartridges and 85dB for MC cartridges
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 432 x 89 x 400
  • Weight kg: 6.8


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