REX DAC demonstrates how lifelike and involving digital playback can be when done to the nines. This reference-setting instrument’s audiophile credentials arise from state-of-the-art engineering in both the digital and analogue domains. The digital design, from Andreas Koch, runs at an extraordinarily high clock rate to allow for the gentlest and least-intrusive filter at its output. The analogue design, from Victor Khomenko, is a high-current vacuum-tube output stage that alone would exceed the performance of most reference tube preamplifiers. The marriage of these designs conveys the most natural, analogue-like rendition of digital recordings.


  • High current vacuum-tube output 11.2 MHz DSD DAC with amorphous core transformer coupled output stage
  • Weight: 16.3 kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 483 x 146 x 394

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