Renewing Emotiva’s promise to deliver serious AV performance, features and build quality at truly democratic prices, we’re delighted to offer two new products to the UK’s home cinema builders/upgraders.

The BasX MR1 cinema receiver combines a high performance 13.2 channel immersive surround sound processor, and an audiophile quality 11 channel amplifier, in a single chassis. The processor section of the MR1 supports 4k UHD video, including HDR and Dolby Vision, enhanced ARC (eARC), and the latest Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ immersive surround sound formats. The MR1 features six HDMI 2.0b video inputs, all of which support 4k UHD HDR video, and includes support for enhanced ARC (eARC). Included with the MR1 is a measurement microphone and the latest version of EmoQ, Emotiva’s well-regarded automatic room correction system. The MR1 also offers multiple analogue and digital audio inputs, and an integrated Bluetooth receiver with aptX.

For those with existing power amplifiers or a preference for pre/power systems, the Emotiva BasX MC1 is the processor section of the MR1 housed in a slender (79mm) chassis. It features the 13.2 channel AV processing power of the MR1, an identical input/output design, EmoQ automatic room correction (mic included) and the easy control/system configuration options offered by the MR1 receiver.

Further details: