We’re delighted that Andrew Simpson at audiograde.uk has handed MoFi a twin award triumph: best mid-level turntable 2023 goes to StudioDeck +, while his best cartridge 2023 is the StudioTracker. Of the former he says: “…MoFi’s purposeful build and lush sonics make this the best deck under £1.5k by some way. With a flawless performance, its high-mass arm and cartridge are also a perfectly voiced combination.” Of the latter he says “MoFi’s StudioTracker impressed us to much we put it through its paces on a range of decks from SME to VPI, where its musicality shone through. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a re-bodied and re-badged Audio-Technica, as it’s so much more. A bargain at the price.”

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