Motorised in-ceiling screens

The Showplace HD range comprises screens measuring 3m diagonal and above. Featuring a blackout cloth backing and black borders for optimal image quality, they’re designed to offer excellent colour and wide image display. The screens deploy an in-ceiling mounting system for discreet installation and are supplied with IR remote control (featuring very precise length adjustment), trigger inputs and compatibility with RS232.


  • Screen material: LUMENE PVC & fibreglass, thickness: 0.64 mm; Gain 1.0; Directivity 160°; No shine point; Treatments: anti-yellowing, anti-mould, and anti-gondolement; Black-out back fabric; Black borders
  • Case: Aluminium, in-ceiling mounting
  • Control system: RS232 for home automation, built in RS485, close contact; Built-in IR/RF remote control system with fine adjustment (batteries provided); Optional: 12V Trigger, RF remote control
  • Warranty: 2 years