Tensioned screen surface now available with an acoustically transparent fabric

This acoustically transparent version of the Coliseum UHD 4K screen uses a high-end woven canvas for impeccable sound and image results. Including a high quality acoustic and elastic canvas, its exclusive technology provides a perfect image, pronounced contrast, as well as excellent acoustic transparency. The UHD 4K acoustic guarantees a linear frequency response with no compensation.
Please note: a very slight halo or moiré effect on texts (especially subtitles) may be created if the screen is positioned too close to the wall. This is due to the reverberation of the light on the wall behind the screen.


  • Screen material: LUMENE woven fabric; Ultra white projection surface; Optimal acoustic behaviour: almost zero diffraction, flat frequency response, no equalisation needed; Gain 0.8; Directivity 150°; No shine point; Treatments : anti-yellowing, anti-mold; Black borders
  • Case: Black lacquered aluminium; safe clipping system; Easy and fast install; Wall and ceiling mounting
  • Control system: RS232 for home automation; Remote control with fine adjustment system (batteries provided); Built-in IR remote control system; 12V Trigger cable (10 metres length); Deported IR sensor provided; Manual switch (Up, Stop, Down)
  • Warranty: 2 years