The ZX-7 features a true balanced topology. Each of its seven channels consists of two amplifier stages, one for each side — both positive and negative — of the wave form. The positive input signal is amplified by the positive amplifier and the negative input signal is amplified by the negative amplifier when a balanced signal is applied to the input. This approach lowers noise, lowers distortion, and eliminates interference from external stray electronic fields. Music reproduction benefits from a cleaner soundstage and increased dynamics, while the presentation of subtle detail is improved appreciably due to the significantly lower noise floor.

Along with its exceptional sonic performance, the ZX-7 is equipped with sophisticated protection capabilities. Advanced optically coupled protection circuitry safeguards the ZX-7 from damage caused by excessive heat, short-circuits, device failures, miswiring, internal faults and reactive loads, plus it protects loudspeakers from DC and frequencies below 10Hz. Because the protection circuitry is optically coupled for each channel, it is completely isolated from the audio signal path — eliminating any potential degradation of the audio signal inherent in traditional protection schemes.

A formidable combination of power and finesse, the ZX-7 is the obvious choice for audio enthusiasts looking for maximum performance from their listening systems.

Finishes Silver. Dimensions H x W x D mm: Height (with feet) 246mm (without feet) 221mm – requires 5U x Width 440mm x Depth 516mm


  • 300 watts per channel (8ohm)
  • 450 watts per channel (4ohm)
  • Compatible with 2 ohm loudspeaker impedances
  • Full Balanced Topology
  • Completely symmetrical circuit design
  • Dual oversized toroidal transformers
  • Advanced optically coupled protection for each channel
  • Thermal protection from overheating
  • Loudspeaker protection from DC and frequencies below 10Hz
  • Protection against short-circuits, device failures, miswiring and internal faults
  • Stable with mismatched, reactive or unusual loads
  • Large heat-sinks for silent convection cooling
  • Balanced and single-ended input connectors
  • Trigger input for power control from an external device
  • Four hand-graded outputs per channel
  • High power-supply voltage for extra headroom at the outputs
  • Heavy-duty gold-plated output connectors
  • Rack mount available
  • Finishes: Silver
  • Weight 65.2kg
  • Dimensions H x W x D mm: Height (with feet) 246mm (without feet) 221mm – requires 5U x Width 440mm x Depth 516mm