Because each channel of the Lexicon GX-7 has its own power supply, the amplifier has significantly improved channel separation. Intended for systems where the additional output of the RX-7 or the ZX-7 is not necessary, the GX-7 – with 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms – has more than enough power to drive most multi-channel speaker systems. When driving a 4 ohm load, the output of the GX-7 increases to an impressive 188 watts per channel.

In order to facilitate easy system integration, the GX-7 includes a 12-volt trigger input on the rear panel so that it can be powered up remotely by a separate device with an output trigger, such as a Lexicon Digital Controller. A rack mount is also available.

With its clean, quiet power, the GX-7 serves as an exceptional addition to any multi-channel home entertainment system.

Finishes: Silver. Dimensions H x W x D mm: Height (with feet) 128mm (requires 3U); Width 440mm; Depth 495mm (including handles).


  • 125 watts per channel (8Ω)
  • 188 watts per channel (4Ω)
  • Oversized toroidal transformer
  • Individual power supplies for each channel
  • Individual protection circuitry for each channel
  • Thermal protection from overheating
  • Loudspeaker protection from DC and frequencies below 10Hz
  • Protection against short-circuits, device failures, miswiring and internal faults
  • Stable with mismatched, reactive or unusual loads
  • Heat-sinks for each channel for silent convection cooling
  • RCA input connectors
  • Trigger input for power control from an external device
  • High power-supply voltage(160V) for extra headroom at the outputs
  • Heavy-duty gold plated output connectors
  • Rack mount available
  • Finishes: Silver
  • Weight 23.1kg
  • Dimensions H x W x D mm: Height (with feet) 128mm (requires 3U); Width 440mm; Depth 495mm (including handles)