Revel L41XC 2-way all-weather speaker

Revel L41XC 2-way all-weather speaker


The L41XC is a compact two-way satellite using a 4-inch Aluminium cone woofer and a 1-inch Aluminium dome tweeter. Satellites may be connected via low-impedance or 70V/100V 60W variable tap operation. 12-inch ground spikes are included, and an optional deck mount is available, allowing the L12XC to be mounted to hard surfaces such as decks, walls, and trees. The deck mount can also be used to suspend the satellite as a pendant mount for custom applications.


  • 4-inch Micro-Ceramic Composite (MCC™) woofer
  • 1-inch MCC tweeter
  • 70V/100V transformer with multiple taps and 8-ohm bypass is included for flexible system configuration
  • Aluminium enclosure in Earthen Brown meets IP67 ratings
  • 12-inch garden spike included

Revel L41XC Datasheet