The 3D Array Soundbars incorporate left, centre and right-channel speakers, plus a second set of drivers that utilise 3D Array Technology to effectively cancel out this crosstalk distortion between the left and right channel. The result is a front soundstage that stretches from wall to wall and beyond, with amazing height, width and depth that effectively envelops the listeners in a true 180-degree soundfield, much wider than the actual physical soundbar! All this is contained within sleek, attractive 2.7″ thin enclosures that perfectly complements the latest super-thin flat panel TVs.

The 3D Array XL incorporates eight of GoldenEar Technology’s spider-leg cast basket 4.5″ bass-midrange drivers with three of GoldenEar’s extraordinary High-Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeters (HVFR™). The 3D Array XL is an ideal match for 65″ and up TVs. The beautiful piano-gloss-black-finished cabinets are aerospace-grade extruded aluminium with marble-powder-infused baffle and end-caps. They can be easily wall-mounted using their keyhole mounts or threaded brass inserts, or shelf-mounted using their adjustable rear supports.


  • 3-channel front soundstage soundbar with 3D image optimisation technology
  • Lifelike 3D front stage playback realism
  • High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) high-frequency radiators
  • Aerospace-grade extruded aluminium piano-gloss-black finished cabinet
  • Frequency Response: 80 Hz – 35 kHz
  • Efficiency: 91 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: compatible with 8 ohms
  • Driver Complement: 8 x 100mm High-Definition Cast-Basket MVPP™ Mid/Bass Drivers; 3 x HVFR™ High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeters
  • Recommended Amplification: 20 – 300 watt/channel
  • Dimensions (cm approx): 158 W x 12 H x 7 D
  • Weight: 10kg (product) / 11.4kg (shipping)