GoldenEar ForceField 5 subwoofer

GoldenEar ForceField 5 subwoofer


The extraordinary ForceField 5 incorporates all the advanced technology and innovative concepts introduced in the ForceField 3 and 4 in a larger and even more powerful low-frequency beast. The ForceField 5 combines a long-throw 12″ subwoofer (which incorporates a huge high gauss magnet structure) driven by a GoldenEar-designed DSP-controlled 1500-Watt digital amplifier and pressure coupled to a downward-firing 12-3/4″ x 14-1/2″ quadratic planar infrasonic radiator.


  • Driver Complement: One – 12˝ Long-Throw High-Output Bass Driver One – 13˝ x 15˝ Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiator
  • Frequency Response 12 Hz – 250 Hz
  • Amplifier 1500 watt ForceField Digital Amplifier
  • Speaker Level High-Pass Filter 6 dB per octave at 150 Hz (approx.)
  • Speaker Level Low-Pass Filter 12 dB per octave continuously variable from 40 – 150 Hz
  • Low-Level Input (Mono) Unfiltered (no low-pass), direct coupled
  • Weight 20.9 kg
  • Dimensions (height with feet installed) 381mm W x 457mm D x 371.5mm H

GoldenEar ForceField 5 Datasheet