The legendary Analog Devices AD1955 Multi-Segment Delta-Sigma DACs with Emotiva’s all new Differential Reference™ analogue circuitry deliver class-leading audio performance. You don’t need an external DAC for a nuanced, engaging, and resolving musical presentation with the ERC-3: just connect the balanced or unbalanced analogue outputs. The ERC-3 is also a top-class digital transport, providing optical, coaxial, and AES/EBU digital outputs to interface with your DAC of choice. The ERC-3 also plays MP3 CDs, HDCDs, or Hybrid SACDs. Control from the front panel or via the solid machined aluminium RCU!


  • Complete disc solution: plays all Red Book stereo audio CDs, HDCDs, MP3 CDs, and the Red Book layer of hybrid SACDs.
  • Analog Devices AD1955 high-performance DAC with multiple isolated and well-filtered linear power supplies for analogue and digital circuitry.
  • Balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs
  • Toslink optical, coax, and AES/EBU outputs
  • High-quality construction throughout:
  • Standard trigger input and output.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) mm: 432 x 356 x 102