In the first review of Falcon’s new ‘Gold Badge’ LS3/5a – a production version closest to the original Kingswood Warren prototypes – René van Es of ‘The Ear’ says “The LS3/5a was never meant to be a transducer for larger rooms. It is far from perfect, it’s too small and power hungry compared to more modern loudspeakers, expensive and, according to legend, best suited for ‘voices’ only. But, and this is a real but, given the right equipment, a suitable room and across a wide range of high quality program material it is one of the most seductive little speakers on the market. It delivers detail, a stereo image to die for, tonal naturalness and even voicing. The latest Gold Badge upgrade has made the Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a even more desirable, it delivers more detail, has the tightest bass of all and betters many more expensive systems on midrange. Over 45 years since the 1972/1974 BBC prototypes this iconic little loudspeaker has lost none of its charm, which is why it is one of the most sought-after classics today. Highly recommended to those who can live with its limitations and love to listen to music instead of equipment.” VERDICT: 5 STARS! Please go to the product page HERE to download the full review